The British training techniques employed by Southwind concentrate on praise, encouragement and comprehensive training. Using the natural working ability in a dog and with proper training you can take one of our pups hunting and barely know they are present until retrieving is required. The program stresses the importance of obedience and good manners, helping develop any retriever into a pleasant, reliable hunting companion.

Our training is also available for other breeds, such as the American Labs and Golden Retrievers. All retrieving breeds respond well to the British Training techniques.

The obedience program takes five to six weeks- The dog will know how to heal, sit, stay and come on command. The obedience and retrieving program takes three to four months - The dog will know the same as above plus how to do single, double and triple retrieves on land and water, honoring other dogs, delivering to hand, hand signals and whistle commands. Owners are required to come and learn the handling methods after the dog has been in training for four to six weeks.

Located three miles east of Grand Junction, Tennessee, Southwind is a year round training facility. The kennels are 4 x 8 runs, and each includes a 3 x 4 dog house.

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